Monday, January 25, 2010

Limited-Government Conservatives and Rick Santorum

The buzz is already circulating that former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is considering a run for president in 2012.  Ignoring the fact that it is way to early to talk about the 2012 election, unless you are a political consultant needing a long-term job,  I'll try to nip this in the bud, and explain why PA conservatives will likely respond with an ugh!

Rick Santorum is the kind of "fiscal conservative" who supported a massive increase in federal spending, champions deficit spending to a group of Pennsylvania conservatives,  and defends Republicans' earmarks while criticizing Democrats'.

Cato's David Boaz explains Santorum's antipathy towards limited government.

One example - I think the next Republican candidate for president should criticize Obama for his expansive view of the federal government.  He or she might want to point to ridiculous examples - like the federal government running a website giving dating advice!

Just one problem - this was the brainchild of one Rick Santorum, who fought to spend $100 million in taxpayer funding to "promote healthy families," which includes the federal government giving dating tips.  Of course, Santorum celebrated the $5.3 million that he was "bringing back to Pennsylvania."

So yes, if you think members of Congress should dole out dating advice at the taxpayers' dime, then Rick Santorum is your guy.

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Tad said...

Amen, Nate. When I worked in the Senate for Tom Coburn (R-OK), I distinctly remember Santorum begging Coburn to release a hold on some porky bill Santorum was sponsoring in order to help his reelection chances. Unfortunately, Coburn yielded, but as we know, Santorum lost anyhow. PA residents with the slightest regard for limited government should never, ever support Rick Santorum.